Visiting Austin

Fluffy Dog

April 2, 2010

     I visited Anne in Austin the month before our wedding.  This is mostly of us walking around campus but also of Jumbo.

TV House Nice building I Pledge Allegiance... Interesting Architecture Lonely Benches Sleepy Fellow SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL!! SQUIRREL!! TURTLE! I See You ~ Turtle Point Turtle Party Jesus...? Hello, Bird Pretty Pidgeon SQUIRREL ATTACK! Or Is He Frozen? Yes, Jumbo? Why Are You Staring At Me? I Detect Something Sinister... And... My Hands



April Fellowship "Dinner"

Fluffy Dog

April 4, 2010

     Our monthly fellowship dinner was actually a lunch after church.  We gathered in Kempner for lunch and then the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt. 

SUPER Snail ~ Random Fluffy Dog Full Tilt; Adverb; As Quickly As Possible You Wanna Fight? Teach You To Eat Through Your Nose Young Love Start Young Engines.. Don't Hunt With Your Eyes Closed! And They're Off! He Got One! Running Behind Playing Catch With Dad His Dad's Tall Enough To Catch That =) (Neither Of Them Got It =) Why Do They Call You Tres? Oh Yeh? What Do You Want?