Katelyn's Pool Party

Mmmm... Cupcake...
August 7, 2010
     Katelyn's 3rd birthday party is a pool party.  Every girl should be so lucky.

That's An Odd Stretch... Looks Like You're Playing A Video Game How Does That Grass Feel? I Don't Want To Swim; Give Me The Grass! But Mom... I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SWIM "Sure, You Can Just Play In The Grass..." Floating Family What?  Do I Have Something On My Face? I Refuse To Get My Hair Wet! Kiddy Pool! I Like Water =) DON'T YOU? I Don't Know About This... Is It Safe? Hi Camera Man! Woah!  The Water Is Much Better Than The Grass.. Seal Slide ~ CAMERA? Grace ~ Where's My Food, Mom? Mom, Where's The Soda? Is It Me? I Can Have My Cake... ... And Eat It, Too Grandma Just Fed Me Two Cupcakes *_* What Is This? That's My Cheek... Finally Took Off That Hat =) Why Is Cinderella So Small? NEXT PRESENT! I Want Some... Shiny Beverage.. Genuine Surprise You Got Me PAPER? That One Was Mine =) More Presents! We Just Like The Grass So Does Grandma