May Fellowship Dinner

Fluffy Baby
May 1, 2010
     The first dinner of the year that was bright enough to take pictures of the kids =)  They really enjoy themselves in the pastor's big back yard.

Happy Baby Aware of the Camera Ear to Ear Vacuuming She Sees Something Little Man Tickled by Daddy Knows He's Loved It's a Finger Young Friends A Crowded Seat Looking for Bugs Throwing Dirt Hit in the Head with Dirt Still Picking on Her







Cruzen Wedding

Happy Times

April 15, 2010
      Anne's sister got married the day after us about three hours away in Franklin, Texas. It was very convenient for their family to all gather at the same time for this =) I really enjoyed taking pictures for it.

Table Cloth Weights Love is in the Air ~ A Day to Remember Words to Remember ~ Happy Parents More Proud Parents ~ Matron of Honor Matron of Honor Here Comes the Bride Mother of the Bride Saying I do ~ Prayer for the Future Pronounced Husband and Wife The Kiss Introducing the Mr. and Mrs. Happy Bride I Think I Hear the Ocean Daughter of the Married Couple Family Looking Off Into the Distance Sisters--Married a Day Apart Friendly With the Cake Pouring the Wine Cheers!. Not the Best Time to say, 'Cheese!' Generations A Beautiful Night The Guests A Treasured Memory Dancing Through the Night Rockin' the Dance Floor New Brothers Dancing Starry Night Lovers Share an Intimate Moment The First of Many Sweet Embraces Brother of the Bride Busting a Move



San Antonio Honeymoon

San Antonio
April 17, 2010
      The first day of our honeymoon in San Antonio was mostly just exploration.  There wasn't much picture-worthy =X

Coolest Care Bear Ever ~ Yeah Baby RAR Prepare to be Destroyed! You Better Remember It! We Love Goodwill














Honeymoon At The Zoo

San Antonio
April 18, 2010
      Day two of the honeymoon was an exciting day at the zoo =)  There was actually more planned after the zoo but it didn't work out well and we kind of just wandered around San Antonio for a while.

Standing Bird Capybara Eating Idle Duck Lonely Elephant Statuesque Giraffe Bird and His Shadow Wandering Giraffe Birds Being Fed Sleepy Rhino Lazy Leopard Dik-dik Cutie Grumpy Bird Curious Bird Rodent Check Out Those Antlers Roo! Tweet Tweet Feathers Worth Showing Off ~ Butterfly Orange Beak Like a Carrot Mohawk Bird Bright and Colorful Nibble Nibble It Must Tickle! My only thought? Please don't poop on my head. Sleeping Bird HOG Blueberry Bird Violet Nice Profile Stalking the Bushes Almost Looks Painted Prancing Along Hello! Monkey See. Monkey Sit. Wallflower What Do You Want? Big Ears Eagle Hopping Through the Water Bet You Can't Do This With Your Neck! Flamingo Enjoying the Shade No Ugly Ducklings Here Wouldn't Want to See His Teeth Up Close He Has a Handlebar Mustache! I Have My Eye on You, Too. Lurking in the Shadows No Cutting in Line! Tawny Little Ears I Can Fly! Twigs in His Mouth for His Nest It's a's a plane...No, It's a bird! Soaring Leaving His Nest Strike a Pose Fuzzy I don't Want a Cracker Hey There! *waves* REACH!! Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear



Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden
Month 20, 2010
     We had to visit the Japanese Tea Garden of San Antonio. It is definitely a great addition to the city and probably good for a first or second date (it takes about 15-20 minutes to see everything).

Japanese Tea Garden Waiting for Something Over the Bridge and Through the Garden... Can We Camp Out Here, Please? Someone is Awake During Lights Out! Flowers and My Husband BEEautiful Ahh...Sweet Privacy White Flowers Candid Moment









Smith Wedding

Picture Title
May 28, 2010
     Our friends Christine and Andrew Smith got married two weeks after us and we got to take pictures =)