September 2, 2010
     Not a great day for sports pictures, but it was nice to actually play volleyball with the clouds.

He's Got It! It's Out! Wait for It! Take That! Serving Setting It Up Got It! Over the Back Eyes on the Ball! Yep. He Got it. Spiked! Jumping For It Stirring Up Some Sand Don't Think The White Shirt Got This One Run For It Spiked Who Got It? He's Ready Too Young to Play Looks Like a Collision Very Impressive! The Sand Man is On His Shirt Smiling Sand and Man About to Have a Hard Encounter




Hudson Wedding

Bride & Groom
September 18, 2010
     Our friends' surprise wedding in Arkansas.




Apartment Exploration

What Do We Have Here?
September 30, 2010
     Anne exploring the apartment with our 7D.

Keeps the Bugs Out Hello, Sunshine The Sandals Are Made for Walking Nifty Little Invention Instrument Played by the Wind Play that Funky Music Wind Chimes Hinged Leaf Me Alone Dog's Eye View Fenced In